Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Fabric! (for clothes this time)

I know, I'm hopeless.
I love fabric. When I get an idea in my head to sew something, if I don't have the fabric I need, it is a very short trip to the fabric shop and I can never leave with only what I need, especially when they have a $2 fabric table!!

As children have a want to do, all of my peskies have had a growth spurt. To save them from running around in "ankle freezers" I decided to make some clothes. Off to the shops I went, with poor Tom in tow, initially just looking for some pin cord to make some pants but they tempted me with a $2 table and I stocked up on some nice cotton to make dresses for the girls.

I love clothes tutorials and there are some fantastic ones out there.
I already knew how to make the pants pattern and have done it so many times in the past but this blog is very clear if you want to give it a go. I got Purple and Fuchsia for my little poppet and Black and Red pin cord for my Jaybe. I have started the pants but all my peskies are asleep and they look much better when modelled.
But my favourite was the cottons I found:I have split the fabrics between the 2 girls (poor Moo misses out this time) and am on the look out for more patterns. I started with this one and modified it by adding an empire line gather for Jaybe
She is so hard to fit for clothes that I made a dress form of her a couple of weeks ago ( that's what the dress is on:) , I don't know why I haven't done it sooner. I recommend it to anyone who has trouble fitting clothes and doesn't want to spend $300 on a dress maker dummy.I started on Carmens too! I went with an A line dress pattern I had made when Jordan was little, I love it. I use it for so many different dresses as it can be adjusted many times over. I made these for Carmen from the same pattern, she has a long sleeve T-shirt on underneath but that is the joy of these dresses, you can layer them when it is cold and when it is hot they make nice sun dresses

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have had a great day! There was a new Spotlight opening today about 5 minutes away from my house, so of course I wandered around (and met my Mama there) for a sticky beak.

There was a wandering 3 piece band entering the shop just as we did so we got played into the shop, I always like to make a big entrance ;)

Quilting fabric was 50% off and another $40 off with a voucher I got sent the day before *happy dance!*

Not all of those are from today, I went shopping the other week, Lincraft also had a 50% off sale so I bought up then too, My cache was looking very anaemic and needed fattening up.

I think I can easily say that the cache is good and fat now. Some of those will be bags, some will be quilts and some will just sit there waiting for the perfect project for them. I love thinking about all the possibilities these fabrics could end up being, the problem is narrowing it down......
I shall keep you posted :D

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yesterday the eldest Pesky, Jordan, got a letter in the mail from a new pen pal. She was so excited, She has been looking for one for about 6 months now and had thought she had found one a few months ago but it just didn't happen. Then yesterday, out of the blue she get a letter from a girl her age from California. She was almost turning back flips, and thanks to her gymnastics classes that was close to being literal.

We decided to head to the shops and see if we could find a nice writing set because the only thing that can make getting a letter better is if its on nice paper (that's if you're like me, I tend to keep a letter that someone has gone to the trouble of hand writing for me and the only typed letters I get are bills o_o)
I am sad to say that there was very little available. We were so disappointed, so instead of buying something that she didn't really like we decided to make some ourselves and Jordan spent her pocket money on 2 friendship bracelets instead, one for her and one to send to her new friend.

I dug out our Paper stash (something that doesn't get used all that often and is a left over from our attempted scrapbooking) and started searching.

Apart from realising we have a lot of paper with birds on it I found some great paper that would be very easy to turn into some writing paper
I love my little paper cutter, it has been so handy (especially at school photo time, because they never come home cut up)I picked it up at a craft fair, on special, for $5. I have since seen it in a shop for $30, gotta love a bargain!
This is what I came up with:

We will use other papers over the weekend to make some more writing paper that takes more then just cutting to create :) We will be making some matching envelopes to go with it. Jordan was very happy with it.
What are you up to this weekend?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is a relatively new craft for me. I stumbled across it when I was looking for printable craft for the kids about 4 months ago. I like to do this when I should be asleep because the peskies are asleep and I don't have to stop every 5 minutes to break up the fight/tie the shoelaces/get them something to eat etc

I find it quite relaxing really. It is pretty basic, all you need is a printer some scissors and glue or double sided tape(I prefer to use tape) The more intricate ( and they can get REALLY intricate) the papercraft the better quality of paper you want to use. I tend to do pretty basic ones so I use standard printer paper. I found this one tonight and had to make it. I love Jack Skellington There is something about him that I just makes me stop and take a closer look. So I printed him

It doesn't hurt that we got a brand new printer the other day and I was looking for an excuse to use it .... :D
I urge you to give it a go but be prepared to clean up small pieces of paper, lots and lots of small pieces.

Here he is nearly finished, I still need to finish his arms, he is quite small really and very basic but I really enjoyed it. Much easier than the last one I made which was a Mario Mushroom for Tom. I made the red one, or at least tried too :(

So give it a try, it's only as difficult as you want to make it.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Riddle me this... why do we do it? Why do we feel guilty over such silly little things? I know I can't be the only one....

I thought about doing a blog for so long and didn't for what I am sure I thought were good reasons but with help ( and a few pushes) from my darling friends I finally did it and yet ever since I started my little blog I have felt guilty.

I have so many things I think would make a good post but being easily distracted as I am (Squirrel!) I forget to post about it, then a couple of days pass and I still haven't posted and the guilt starts and I feel lazy. Do all bloggers feel this way?

Then when I do remember the things I want to post they come think and fast and I feel guilty for inundating what , honestly, are my friends and relatives with stuff they probably aren't that interested in reading ( very few crafters in my family, I'm really not sure where I get it from). Of course I then ask them if they have read it and if they say no I feel guilty for pushing it on them


So..from now on I am resolved to post when I do and if a week passes and I haven't posted so be it. Sometimes it will be craft, sometimes it won't and I am sure sometimes I will just now :) No more excuses or justifications, it is what it is.
So I will leave you with my favourite story of the week:

We were driving home from our Saturday running around with the Peskies and were listening to one of our many Triple J cds, when I look in the mirror in the passenger visor to see my little Poppet, Carmen, who is 5 and as cute can be, head banging along to the song and completely rocking out.
My Little Head Banger
She is going to be so much fun when she is old enough to go to a rock concert!