Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blanket Cubby

We are in the 1st week of school holidays so all my crafting has been replaced with stories, games and cubby house building.
Today we did the latter and my lounge room was transformed into a castle, then a jungle and finally Hogwarts.
2 of my peskies and their friends

I remember turning dinning chairs into the pillars of a great hall when I was a kid and love that the same games are played today, as I'm sure they were long before I was born and and will be long after I am gone. Some things are just timeless.
Careful or the wind will change and you will stay like that!

P.S I finished my nieces poncho and she loves it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I swear I have an extra child in my pusscat, he always wants to be with me when I am busy, always claims to be hungry, follows me around (even to the bathroom where he will sit in the sink until I finish my shower) , gives lots of cuddles and likes to "help":D
Today, I sat down to work on some hand warmers for my Mum, who is suffering from arthritis lately :( , and Smeagol jumped up on my lap for a cuddle. Unable to get comfy he then decided to sit next to me... on top of the ball of wool I happen to be using, but not only on top of it but on top of the end the feed is coming from so every time I pull the wool out to used it get a very dirty look and a pitiful "mew". So thank you Mr Pusscat for being peskie *sigh* and I'm sorry Mum the warmers may take a little longer to make than I thought :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Time!

We have hit our crazy birthday time, does this happen to you? Between Family and Friends, We average a birthday a week until Morgans in January. So you will probably find I will be blogging about gifts that I make for people for the next few months :) I love making gifts for people. I love giving gifts and its better when I have an excuse.

We just had my Mums birthday yesterday
Happy 60th Ma!!

Next in line is my Niece. When she came over last week she spotted a poncho I was crocheting for Carmen inspired by Thornberry. (I made Carmens in blues and when I can either get it off her or get her to stand still I will post a photo.) My Niece picked some great colours that made me think of the gorgeous rainbow crochet that my friend Joyce has been doing lately.

Can't wait to see it finished, I love how bright it is. Lately I have been sitting in the sunshine just soaking the Vitamin D and crocheting to my hearts content. oO(If the crocheting tool is a hook and some people call crocheting Hooking, does that make me a Hooker? :P )

After that is Jordans 12th birthday, I can't believe she will be 12!
She decided she would like to have a slumber party with just a few friends(phew! I don't think I am up for a big party).
I made her invitations last night.
I made them in the shape of sleep masks :) I used paper we had in our craft cache (that is slowly taking over our house). I found a pattern online cut it out, traced it on to some card stock, Cut it out using pinking shears and then reduced the size of the pattern to trace onto the paper, I glued the 2 together with some ribbon on either side and put the party information on the back
Jordans favourite part is
I am really happy with how they turned out and it should be a very easy party.
I will give them a pamper pack instead of lolly bags and order some pizza, watch some movies and play a few games. Since it is Girls only, Morgan is going to have a sleep over with his cousins ( one is a boy, Zach, and the other is too little, Sophie) and he is so happy about that, I don't think he could cope with that many girls in the house :) I half wonder if Tom will run away too.

What have you been up to?