Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reasons I have been missing....

Ok... So I have sort have fallen off the blogosphere ( not to mention the rest of the interwebs)

Last post I talked about the waiting place, well I have finally left that horrible place.
I was waiting for a few things : A Letter, An Appointment and A Decision

The Letter, As reported in the last post was received and has now been acted apon and I am enrolled in Uni for next year (Happy Dance Time!)

The Appointment was soon attended, but let be elaborate..... A week before my birthday I found a lump in my abdomen and went to my Doctor..... A plethora of tests later and I was sent to a specialist (the Appointment) He sent me for more tests and decided the day he got the results that I had to have surgery the next week (the decision).
Now, I don't want people to react badly to this as that is the exact reason I didn't tell many people about it. The original prognosis was not good and the plans I had for the next year hung in the balance but I am very thankful that 4 weeks after I found it I was given a clean bill of health!

I was so thankful of the news that if I didn't have a fresh 7 inch scar on my stomach I would have jumped out of my seat and kissed the specialist.
So even though I am still healing and rather sore at times I am home and healing and don't need any ongoing treatments.
I am not able to sew much as I am uncomfortable sitting at my machine for too long,( so it will probably be a while until my next post)
Because of the surgery I missed a couple of things I really wanted to be there for but it can't be helped.
First, my lovely cousins Wedding, but the Quilt made its way up there anywayThe Wedding Quilt

Second, my good friends engagement party but the upside of that was I was there for the actual engagement, so.. YAY!.

And third, I missed my eldest Peskies Graduation from Primary School :( Videos were taken but its just not the same

So Thank you Everyone who helped my family when I was in the Waiting Place and Congratulations to my Jordan, who is growing up to quickly, also to my wonderful Nephew, Zach, who also graduated with Jordan. My only advice is " Don't grow up to quickly, you will miss being a kid when you are an adult."