Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm Back Baby!!

My last post was orientation and this post is waiting for my end of year results.... I think that was a slightly longer break is blogging than I had anticipated....Oops.
It has been a hectic year that has seen me complain bitterly to my nearest and dearest but now that it is over I find myself .... dare I say it.... BORED!

I have studied art and design with the intention at the beginning of the year to go onto a fine arts degree and have now applied for a bachelor of archaeology.... they are connected I swear! But all of this studying means the craft has been a little light on so, instead, I intend to post some of my artwork in the next couple of days for those interested in seeing it.

This is one of my finals (of course I did a textile piece) and something that took me so long to design but this is just a teaser, more to come soon.

I shall end this first blog back with a quick recap of my year so far:
  • Started study
  • Saw Jordan start high school
  • designed a soft drink and promotions
  • designed 3 major pieces of "art"
  • Met some awesome people that will be great friends for a very long time
  • Jordan broke her arm and needed surgery
  • My art was exhibited
  • I graduated
  • I turned 31
  • I was asked to be a best man

I am sure many MANY more things happened this year but these are the main ones I remember right this second. I look forward to getting back into my blog and hearing from the people who follow it, I am sorry I have been away for so long.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I haven't disappeared :)

I decided to take a little break after 10x10x10 and that turned into orientation at RMIT.
Today is my first day of classes so I am concentrating on getting that sorted out. I have been crafting and have started my craft swap thingy :) I have nearly finished my first of 5 and the first one is going to Joyce. I have nearly finished it and as soon as I know she has it in her hot little hand I will post photos.
So I am still here and will post again soon... With photos!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


AS promised I has taken 20 photos in the last 10 minutes of the project :'(
I have really enjoyed this but all good things must come to an end. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, I still get a little flutter in my stomach when I get a comment.
I hope some of you who haven't joined the 10x10x10 yet will do so. Anything that makes you look at the world in a different way or through someone elses eyes has got to be good. I am going to break this into two sections so it doesn't get too confusing. I hope the photos bring a little colour into your day

1.A stack of Genealogy discs, I have been working on our family tree
2.My Marvin the Martian cup(love Marvin!) I don't know what I would do without my morning cup of tea
3. Paints
4.Lunch boxes, getting ready for school
6.I don't know who she is but she sits over my desk
7.Awesome monster fabric my Mother in Law bought for me
8.My ironing board cover
9.An expandable frizzbee
10.Froggy tape measure

12.Carmens paper flowers
13.Beads, waiting to be played with
14.My favourite tea pot!
15. Top of Aladdins Lamp
16.Note books
17.My purse
18.Concertina file
19. Kids craft storage
20.Random fabric sitting on my desk, I wonder what it will turn into?

I will be making some things for a craft swap with friends very soon and will put up photos when I know they have received them (so I don't ruin the surprise) I hope you have a great day and I will try to come up with ideas to keep putting photos up ;)

Oh no!! It's late!

Well it looks like the last 10x10x10 is going to last an extra day! I have been running around all day an just haven't had the 10 minutes to take photos :(
But I promise tomorrow I will do 20x10x11, Double the photos, in 10 minutes for the 11 day.
See you all then :D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10x10x10 Day 9

It was kid central today! There were my peskies, my Nephew Zach and 2 school friends. No wonder I am exhausted! I nearly didn't take the photos. And now tomorrow is the last day, I did originally have a plan for the last day but it has fallen through so I have to come up with another idea........ Hmmmmm......

1.Swirl on the side of my Piano
2.Dribbly candle, A left over from Carols by Candlelight
3.My Lappy! I love my Lappy :D
4.Red Door
5.My latest project, I find it easiest to crochet at the moment, still not super comfy at the sewing table
7.The gates of Lego Heaven
8.Piggy Bank, My little Miss C saved her money to buy this for herself and was so happy when she had money left over to put in it
9.Toms Tardis, if only it worked... or we could fit in it
10.Crayons, they have been working very hard this holidays, we are running out of room on the fridge .

Yesterday I got a parcel, I love getting parcels! they are so much fun and you can almost guarantee that it isn't a bill!
My Bracelet from Zyatica arrived and I love it! Purple is my favourite colour and there are so many different purples *Happy Dance*

Monday, January 17, 2011

10x10x10 Day 8

Today Moo, Jaybe and I have our eyes tested, I was planning on trying for a return of The Super Stealthy Random Photo Lady but, sadly, I did not have the opportunity. They watch you like a hawk! So we decided to head to the park just behind the shopping plaza.

All Nations Park is pretty cool, It used to be a rubbish dump but they cleaned it up and turned it into a huge park with a big man made blue stone mountain that has some great views. It has all kinds of little nooks and hide aways. We had been going there for about a year before we found the second (and far better) playground. There is an Olive Grove and a Pine "Forrest", A Duck pond and amusing self cleaning toilets that play you Muzak when you sit down (there is nothing like Muzak to pee too) :P
I could have easily taken 10 more photos......

1.This is part of an ANZAC Memorial statue at our local park, I have photographed this before, I love it. the colours that reflect at different times of the day are amazing
2.Also part of the Memorial
3.Park Bench
4.Love on the rocks
5.Giant brick, these are scattered all around the park
7.I have no idea what this is! The peskies call it the Crown
8.Path to the Gods?
9.Punk Pigeon.
10.Drinking fountain

Sunday, January 16, 2011

10x10x10 Day 7

I have noticed that when I am out and don't have my camera with me I see things that would look great if photographed from unusual angles. I don't know what I am going to do when I reach day 11, I may go through withdrawals.

I know I have said it before but I am really enjoying this project. :D

Today we were off to the park with an entourage of kids, they had a great time and got to see both Nannas to boot. Along came the camera and plenty of interesting things were seen. It was a challenge because there were so many other people there and I didn't want the parents to think I was taking a photo of their kids.
I think I over did it though and its time for a nanna nap

1.Peace, found under a tyre swing
2.Handles of the spinny thingy (named by the kids)
4.Graffitied Graffiti
5.My niece took this photo, she thought it looked like the sun (I think it was a wheel)
6.See-saw spring
7.Steps up to the slide
8.The "Littles" feet, they aren't so little anymore :(
9.What's the time Mr Wolf?
10. Back of a Basketball net

Saturday, January 15, 2011

10x10x10 Day 6

I have finally taken my machine out and started sewing again. It has been about a month since I last used it but it feels like 6. I hadn't realised how much I missed it. Sure, sometimes we fight and and I have called it some nasty names but mostly we are friends. I talk to my machine when I sew, don't ask me why I just do... am I the only one?

1.Blue circle on the footpath and ME! Yes, even on hot days I will wear knee high socks
2.A butterfly that landed on the flower as I was taking a photo, Hello Flutterfriend!
3.Sticky, real name Esmeralda, renamed Sticky because she always has to know what is going on
4.Power Lines
5.Toms work calendar, he is hoping for a hoard by the end of the year
6. Thank you,Gas nozzle. We would have no BBQ goodness without you
7.Wally wabbit. Such cuddle bunny
8.Street sign
9.Painted on the road outside our house
10.Playing Peek a boo with our neighbours plants

Friday, January 14, 2011

10x10x10 Day 5

I am Super Stealthy Random Photo Lady!! I get the feeling that if I wore tights, a cape and my underwear on the outside I wouldn't be as stealthy....

Anyway, Saturday is our running around day, today we had our chiropractor appointment so I took the camera along. I made sure not to use the flash because I didn't want people to know I was taking photos.
I took 2 photos in the waiting room and all the rest were taken in the consultation room before our Chiro showed up. I was zipping back and forth while the kids stared at me with a bored look on their faces and Tom tried to give me photo advice. Poor Tom got told off because this is my project and he should get his own! :P

Because I didn't use the flash the photos have a longer exposure, I have played with this before and love some of the effects it gives you. I would love to really extend the exposure but I don't know how to, Google here I come!!
As it was no one twigged/ cared that I was taking photos and it made it really fun I recommend taking a digital camera out and hiding it from everyone, randomly point and click! It's fun.

1. Ceiling Fan
2. Reflexy hammer thingy, Technical term.
3.Palmistry Hand, I have always wondered why this is in a Chiropractors office
4.The hanging light in the waiting room
5.Chiro table bits
6.Glass paper weight
7.Pine cones
8.Model spine
9.Morgans foot that was swinging back and forth while we waited, only photo to use the flash
10.Table legs, also from the waiting room

Our Chiro is such a lovely lady and almost always offers to take our kids home with her, one day I might let her ;)

P.S. Are school holidays over yet?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

10x10x10x day 4

I nearly didn't make the 10 minute time frame!

1.Morgan's Dragon. He made this with his Dad over a year ago and it still sits on top of the TV
2.Carmen's Artwork, created at her last sleep over at her Aunty Sara's
3.Giant foam die
4.Sunny leaf! Sun baking in the drive way. Hello Sun!
5.Wooden puzzle ball
6. Carmen's wrinkly sultana toes fresh out of the bath
7.Morgan's treasure.
8.Solar powered bug Jordan built
10.Harry Potter Minifig

I admit it ! I moved the minifig to the table so I could get a better picture, generally I photo things where they lay and don't bother about anything but I just couldn't get a good shot, I feel like I cheated :(

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

10x10x10 day 3

After several days inside thanks to the weather (and I am so thankful it is not as bad as elsewhere) I am going stir crazy. I had to get out. So, all of my photos are from my front or back yard.
I had the camera (the one I was looking for the other day), a Canon Ixus 8OIS, set to Macro because I figured if you are going to see my lack of organisation/reluctance to evict spiders/need to repaint things it may as well be in high detail.

1. Above my front door
2.My hedge, which is threatening to encroach on the door way. It has already taken over the mailbox
3.Bamboo screen
4.My Parsley plant, one of the few potted plants I haven't killed
5.Brazier still no cleaned out from the last time we used it
6.Our house number!
7.Rain soaked Iris, we have a deal, I will ignore it and it won't die
8.Jordans succulent
9.Our fence line complete with abandoned spider webs
10.North wind statue.... that faces East :D Still with a streamer draped over him from the last family Birthday

I am not a gardener...... at all. I can kill a plant by looking at it for too long. Some people have green thumbs, mine are black. I am sure I am some sort of plant Grim Reaper..... I think you get the idea.
The plants that are in these pictures are alive no thanks to me. I nearly killed Jordans Succulent and it had to be sent to our next door neighbour for rehabilitation. The Hedge and I ignore each other which is why its taking over. And the Parsley has only lived with us for a short while and was a gift from my mother in law who seems to be able to grow anything.
Don't get me wrong, I love plants. I would rather be given a potted plant than a bunch of flowers, but because of my thumbs of death, the only plant in the house is my lucky bamboo my Mum bought me and the only reason I think it is still alive is because Jordan looks after it for me.
If you have any plants you want to put out of their misery, send them my way ;o)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10x10x10 Day 2

Again, pretty random today. I think that is just going to be the way to rock this thing :)

1. One of Jordans artworks from last year, this sits on my desk.
2. Candle Lamp Shade
3. A Bracelet I bought to wear to my cousin, Kristys, Wedding. Still bummed I missed it
4. Alternative ABC Blocks. I love these!
5. Mirror that lives in my lounge room. This was the first thing I bought to go in our house
6. My Piano, Tom, Moo and I play piano. We have all had lessons but it tends to be that we just sit down and try to remember what we have memorised :P
7. Candle snuffer
8. Cast iron candle holder, sans candle but with plenty of spider webs.... : /
9. A strip quilt waiting to be sewn
10. The door to the TV cabinet, if you look hard you can probably make out the Pokemon dvd the kids are obsessed with.

Please help with the Queensland Flood Appeal

Or bid on this Appeal Auction
Thank you

Monday, January 10, 2011

10x10x10 Day 1

Ok, the fact that I am actually going to try do a post for 10 days in a row is unusual for me, I usually post whenever I want to share something, so lets see how we go.
Most of the photos are inside today as it is rainy and humid and yuck outside :(

I used our old camera because I can't find my newer one. Its a Fuji-film S3500, that we bought just after Moo was born and it has seen a lot of growing peskies, Zombie Shuffles, Birthday parties and day trips as a family. The fact that it needs an elastic band to keep the battery door closed doesn't stop us from using it.
There is no real theme to these photos other than "things I passed as I strolled around the house."

1. Jijim (long story to that name), one of my Pussycats. He got attacked by 3 dogs last week and has been sulking ever since, he is hiding under a chair. He has healed well and thankfully was just bruised
2. My pencils and craft journal, always close to hand.
3.A pair of canvas shoes I am playing with.
on top of my TV, this is where everything gets put on display. Birthday cards, Lego creations, origami, etc. This is my bamboo and incense censor
5.Moo s Mario wall mural.
6.My keys, always in the door because it sticks. My Alien key ring bought by my Sister to make me smile(it never fails)
7. The Bench in my front yard.
8.My big 30th Birthday card, I still haven't put it away, I like it too much.
9. A mask my Moo made at school, I need to hang it on a wall.
What I got in the mail yesterday, I love parcels! (Especially if you forget that you ordered them, its like a present you sent yourself!)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is it stealing if...... is someone else's idea..... even if they share it?
I have not put a lot of things I do up on my blog because I got the pattern/Idea/ Inspiration from someone else's blog and there are some pretty cool things but I don't want to steal the credit from other people... :/
If I do post I always give credit but I still feel bad.....
Well I am going to steal and idea, Thank you Francis. I love the idea of 10x10x10 and although not her idea I think I will join her.
Basically it is 10 photos taken in 10 minutes for 10 days, I am hoping this might fill my craft void for a little while.
I still haven't made it back to my sewing machine I am hoping to soon I just need to be able to life my sewing machine.