Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm Back Baby!!

My last post was orientation and this post is waiting for my end of year results.... I think that was a slightly longer break is blogging than I had anticipated....Oops.
It has been a hectic year that has seen me complain bitterly to my nearest and dearest but now that it is over I find myself .... dare I say it.... BORED!

I have studied art and design with the intention at the beginning of the year to go onto a fine arts degree and have now applied for a bachelor of archaeology.... they are connected I swear! But all of this studying means the craft has been a little light on so, instead, I intend to post some of my artwork in the next couple of days for those interested in seeing it.

This is one of my finals (of course I did a textile piece) and something that took me so long to design but this is just a teaser, more to come soon.

I shall end this first blog back with a quick recap of my year so far:
  • Started study
  • Saw Jordan start high school
  • designed a soft drink and promotions
  • designed 3 major pieces of "art"
  • Met some awesome people that will be great friends for a very long time
  • Jordan broke her arm and needed surgery
  • My art was exhibited
  • I graduated
  • I turned 31
  • I was asked to be a best man

I am sure many MANY more things happened this year but these are the main ones I remember right this second. I look forward to getting back into my blog and hearing from the people who follow it, I am sorry I have been away for so long.