Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 7

Super stealthy photo time!!

Today I decided to take photos without anyone noticing, I did this in last years 10x10x10 too and had lots of fun with it so I thought it was time to do it again.

The peskies were supposed to go see the optometrist today, so off we set on the bus. When we got there we were told that the optometrist was sick and all the appointments were cancelled.... I was a little grrrrrr, but we had a look around and Moo spent the last of his birthday money, It was nice to get out of the house anyway so it wasn't too bad.

1. The Sky is the most beautiful colour today, just looking at it makes me happy

2.The park near the shops, I love that this used to be a tip and it is now such a great park. The kids always love playing here

3. The pyramid skylight at the shops, This photo was so stealthy I didn't even know I had taken it

4.My new favourite haunt! Miss Succulent is just around the corner from my house and the people there are so nice. Everything there is for sale!

5.Bouncy ball machine, I always have to drag the peskies past these things, this time they dragged me!

6.Moo's new friend. MoooOOOOOO!

7.When I saw these cushions I wanted to jump in and curl up. So fluffy!

8. My succulent.... not looking to great. The pot fell and broke yesterday, I should repot that soon....

9.Road markings

10.The wheels on the bus go round and round....

I hope you have a crafty day!

Day 6

 I actually had this post ready to go last night but after a huge effort in the garden I was exhausted and I forgot to post it, so here it is, a little late but here none the less 

1.My yard after a HUGE session of hedge trimming, just waiting for the skip to get here to finish it off

2. J's mug

3.Miss C's shoes, left in the hallway as usual

4.A small party of my childhood, I found these at an opp shop recently, I had the whole collection when I was a kid

5. My beautiful bestie/sister, Sara. I would be lost without her

6. These are a few of my favourite things

7.Someone has been raiding my change purse

8.I had completely forgotten about him, he was found buried in the garden after the big clean-up

9.Sara's nails, nice colour

10. Just to prove how gorgeous my sister is

I know she will probably kill me for this but it made me laugh. I am lucky enough to live very close to my sister and we talk on a daily basis, she helps keep me sane and I hope I do the same for her. Our kids are very close and it is always great to get them together, even if its just to see if they will play nicely or kill each other. I couldn't cope without me big sister so thank you Sara xxooxx 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 5

Today has been rather quiet, well as quiet at 6 kids can be at one time. The peskies had some friends over to enjoy the last few days before heading back to school. The day has been full of Scrabble and Hide & Seek but best of all full of laughter.

1.Origami Crane mobile, made by Moo (who it 10 and obsessed with origami) and I

2. Moo's Dragon

3.A small selection of our board games

4.Carmen's wet felted ball

5.A painting my best friend brought back from L.A. for me

6.Proudly hung above our piano

7.I never get bored looking at my fabric stash

8.Jordan's sling, 4 months and counting since she broke her arm and she is still in plaster

9.A stack of origami paper

10. Scrabble scores

Day 4

Today involved a fair bit of driving so I decided to simply take photos along the way. The peskies spent the weekend with my god-mother, a treat they look forward to every summer, but they had to come home today so off Tom and I went to collect them. All I can say is hooray for cars with good air-conditioning!

Most of the time I simply pointed the camera and pushed the button, leaving it until we got home to really look at what I took. Not quite quality photography but a chance to see things I don't always pick up on when we just zoom past
1.I love finding these old street lamps scattered around Melbourne

2.Under the rail bridge

3. Melbourne's famous Nylex sign

4.Bridge over the Yarra

5.Random Sign (didn't know I took this one)

6. Posters around "the wizzee ramp"

7.A very "inspiring" Brick wall

8. Fast car+slow shutter speed= streaky trees

9.Nearly home again

10.Petrol prices....*sigh*

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 2 (but really all day 3)

I was off to a wedding today!

An outdoor wedding that took part on a 34degree c.(93.2 f.) day, not a fun time to wear formal wear! I decided on a vintage style that saw me wearing gloves(thankfully cotton) and stockings(well.... fishnets...but still rather hot!). It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and thanks to my friends at Miss Succulent I have a beautiful parasol to hide from the sun under and avoid getting sunburnt. I wore a Cherry patterned black dress with a red fascinator I made earlier in the week which didn't drive me nearly as nuts as I thought it might, YAY!Sadly I forgot my camera at home so these are all taken with a phone camera but I think they came out pretty well.
Seen as I had 2 days of photos to take I took two lots of photos in 10 minutes at different times of the day

1. Gazebo where the ceremony took place

2.Groove top of the gazebo


4.Nice blue sky

5.Rose petals

6.One of the fabulous wedding cars

7.The other awesome wedding car

8.A grasshopper friend who came to sit with us

9.My earrings, I love these earrings, they sparkle

10.Post photo shoot rose petals

11.Me leading Tom up the garden path ;)

12.sparkly gifts for guests

13.Gazebo after dark


15.Little chandelier

16.Bridal waltz

17.A bottle of windex on every table as a nod to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"(the bride is Greek,
the groom is Scottish)




I had great fun tonight and wish the Bride and Groom a long, happy, laughter filled life together.

Lauren x

Friday, January 27, 2012

I know ... I know :(

Ok so I didn't do my 10x10x10 yesterday, Bad Lauren!
But I was doing a whole heap of Mum stuff and then sister stuff and daughter stuff and niece stuff which, with the exception to the mum stuff, took the form of family tree stuff. I promise to make it up to you by doing 20 photos today, which works out well as I am off to a wedding this afternoon and should find plenty of interesting things to photograph......

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 1

Well here goes the 10x10x10 for 2012... I almost forgot to be honest.
I have had a crazy day of running around trying to make sure everyone is ready for school ( Miss C still needs new school shoes) and trying to hunt down some iron on vinyl, it is proving very hard to find and driving me nuts!

Part of my forgetting is the fact that it is Australia day and the opportunity to run around with Tom and get things done has kind of frazzled my brain and I would quite happily curl up with my book and a cup of tea but the kids are off to my aunties house tomorrow so I need to make sure they are all packed and ready to go... oh well, no rest for the wicked

1. Some of my bargain Jelly rolls found recently, I think I paid $14 for both!

2.My fabric covered craft drawers, I love this fabric and I wish I had bought more

3. One of my essentials, Peppermint Tea... yum yum yum yum yum

4. Pool critter, sadly abandoned after being played with for the last couple of days

5. Ziggy, also know as "the terrorist" because he will attack and chase anyone and anything that moves

6. Incense burner

7. Part of our Mario Mural in our entry way

8. All hail our Dalek masters.....I mean Eternal Dalek

9. Shaky, Findy, Beady thing, good way to waste an hour ...or 2....or 3

10. My very dusty piano, I didn't realise how dusty until I took that photo...oops.

Well, that's it a little view into the chaos that is my house. I'm sure you will come to see more chaos as the days continue.

I hope you have a crafty day

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10x10x10 redo?

I have been revisiting some of my past posts and I keep going back to my 10x10x10 (10 photos in 10 minutes for 10 days) posts and remembering how much I enjoyed doing them and am contemplating doing it again as a great way to kick off blogging on a regular basis for this year. So I think, starting tomorrow I will have my first 10x10x10. Some people who read my blog took part in this last year and I would love it if you joined me in this one *nudge nudge Joyce*.

I am hoping to have J's dress finished really soon and a new bag for my sister finished in the next couple of days to show you as well.

So if you feel like joining me in 10x10x10 let me know and I will link to your blog if not that's peachy too.

Hope you're having a crafty day !!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ever heard of Lutterloh?

I hadn't until some new friends gave be a pattern book and wondered if I would be able to figure out how to draft the pattern considering the special tape measure wasn't with the book.
Of course to make things more interesting the book didn't say Lutterloh, all I had to go by was the title "Silver scissors" and the pictures of the patterns themselves.
It took me about 3 hours of searching online to find the information I needed and another 2 hours or so to figure out how to make the tape measure, You can buy them from the Lutterloh web site but the problem was that although very similar to Lutterloh, Silver scissors was made by a different company and I found absolutely nothing about that particular company, it was very frustrating.

But I just fell in love with the patterns and the idea of so many patterns in such a small book made me even happier because I already have a large box of sewing patterns that I am having trouble finding a home for in my sewing shelves and for some reason Tom and the Peskies get a little annoyed when my sewing takes over the living room (by the way , if anyone would like to pay for an extention on my house so I can have my own sewing room email me ). I have since made 2 patterns from my book and have plans for many, many more.
I also have J, who is now 13 and very into teen vintage patterns which are surprisingly hard to find, she is planning on me sewing an entire wardrobe worth of clothes for her to wear.
Starting with summer dresses
Including the underwear that goes with it

There are several for teens in this book and she has even more to choose from since I bought a second book on ebay the other day.
Both of my book are from the 1950'sand the designs are just beautiful.

The other thing that has been taking up most of my time is my family tree. I was ecstatic to discover that my 8x great grandfather and grandmother were on the first fleet (because who doesn't want criminals in their family tree?...) and where 2 of 30 people chosen to settle on Norfolk Island, now all I have to do is convince Tom that I really need to go there.... for research and not a holiday at all.....