Thursday, February 23, 2012

Amigurumi me!

Oh my! Doesn't time fly!!

I have been rather busy lately and hadn't really noticed my neglect to my blog. Bad Lauren!

I have never been a knitter, I have had several people try to teach me and I just can't get the hang of it. The 2 needles get in the way of each other or I drop them and lose what few misshapen stitches I may have managed, by some freak coincidence, to create and could probably be reproduced by throwing a pair of needles at a ball of yarn and praying to the craft gods. It just doesn't work for me.

But! Crochet!! I can do that while standing on my head, in fact I am sure I did when I was a teenager and was laying upside down on the couch (something I heartily recommend you try, it gives you a whole different perspective. My Mum taught me how to crochet when I was about 12  and I took to it like a frog takes to the hula... I was awful!

 I'm sure I nearly drove her nuts as I continually asked her to fix my bad stitches and rub my hands better when they cramped up from holding the hook. I got so frustrated I threw the hook back at her and swore I would never get it right! But every time she was knitting and I was bored she would hand me the hook and some scrap and I would try again, usually with the same results.

As I grew up and moved out of home I would get bored and out would come the hook and some scrap yarn (its amazing that I always had some scrap yarn, didn't always know where it came from but I always had it) and started making Granny Squares. I don't know a single hooker/crocheter who didn't start with Granny Squares

This is from the wonderful Joyce, Brilliant blog, Wonderful person!
I never felt the need to make clothes or blankets, it was just something that I would pick up and just as easily put down again when I had enough or my hand cramped, which ever came first. Then about 3 months ago whilst looking at random blogs searching for softies I saw some super cute Amigurumi. These super Kawaii  little toys exist just to make the world a happier place, usually they are quite quick and easy to make, which suits me to a T, although they can be incredibly difficult and fiddly to make. Its almost a case of "you name it and there is Amigurumi of it" from the Tardis to Unicorns and even nyan cat.
 I have made a few little things, all as gifts. I have made an Ewok, an Adipose, some birds and most recently Super Mario Mushrooms

Oh my goodness! I out geeked myself!!
Front View
Top View

I made this one for my Moo who, as you can see, LOVED it! He has asked for the whole set but he will have to wait for the right coloured scrap yarn to teleport into my collection.Oddly enough I have offered to teach him how to crochet almost every time he complains he is bored but I always get the response "I'm not THAT bored" before he goes off to read a book. *SIGH*


So, Thank You Mum! I am glad I have a crafty way to procrastinate!
Feel better soon xo

I hope you all had a crafty day


  1. lol oh how cute! I love it, hmmmm, I have never made one of these, but drooled over the books.

  2. Love love love! The Mario theme music jumped straight into my head when I saw it - so cute!! Gorgeous pic of Moo too :)